Battery management is very important for campers, especially if campers solely use battery for refrigeration, lighting, and most important, to start the car again after camping. At the same time, campers also want the system to be able to provide power for non-essential needs like being able to charge their phone and post beautiful photo onto Instagram.

Many camper uses camping trailers which can tow behind their car. Compared with a RV, a camping trailer is more flexible as it allow the car to be used as working vehicle independent of the camping trailer. However, for the battery management, this become more complicated. As the Secondary Battery is usually installed in the camping trailer, connected to the alternator and the Main Battery through a trailer plug, conventional monitoring hardware would need to go a long way from car cabin all the way into the camping trailer, which is relatively complex and complicated installation electrical and physical installation process.

Luckily, now there is wireless battery monitor. This means that the installation of battery monitor device can be entirely contained in the camping trailer with the added benefit of checking all the status within Bluetooth range. There is no need to worry about waterproof or vibration issue, and there can be no change to the factory wiring as well. Bluetooth wireless battery monitor is the ideal choice for your camping battery monitor needs.


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